Intern for market research Bangladesh (m/f/d)

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Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition is all about innovative feed additives made in Germany. Our value-orientated family business was founded by Dr Antje Eckel in Niederzissen, in the beautiful Eifel region, in 1994, where we are still firmly established. We have meanwhile gained international success. Indeed, Dr. Eckel is one of the world’s foremost companies in the sector with a specific focus on animal welfare, developing products that make animal nutrition more resource-efficient, climate-friendly and healthy.







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Michelle Werle


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You study about animal production or veterinary medicine, work independently and in a structured manner. Are you great at organising yourself and enjoy taking on challenges? Then we have the perfect project for you about the feed additive market in Bangladesh!


It is your task to analyse the feed and feed additive market in Bangladesh pre- and post Covid including animal production poultry: broiler, Sonali alternative, layer numbers, egg production, consumption and behavioral changes.

You research about the influence of other economic sectors on animal production. Household income, etc. and about the main players in the sector, feed manufacturers, farms and new players in the sector as well as the fastest growing companies in the sector. You consider the influence of BDT currency devaluation, access to foreign currencies through export, on the distributor system for feed additives and the main supplier structure and the changes from the past to now for product groups like:

acidifier, mold inhibitors, mycotoxin binders and phytogenics.

You pay attention to total feed production, prices for feed, raw material ingredients (soy and maize) and main additive groups (as before) as well as the trends in the market and the growth estimate in the market